Monday, June 23, 2008

Melora's dedication

As promised, I have pictures of Melora in her fluffy dedication dress. I just have to say, I love dressing a baby girl. At night, I will plan out her outfit for the next day with glee, and I don't even mind it when she gets poop or other bodily goop on her clothes because all it means is that I get to put her into ANOTHER CUTE OUTFIT!

Melora's dedication was really beautiful. There were actually eight families dedicating babies that day (our small church doesn't usually go a month without a new a baby in the congregation) and they were all very sweet and adorable up on the stage. Isaiah stayed in Michael's arms really most of the time up on the stage, and when Pastor Steve came to us to say a prayer for Melora, Isaiah joined by gently placing his hand on Melora's head as the church ooohed and aaahed. It was very sweet. Then, his fingers sort of crept over her face and threatened to poke out an eye, so we had to move her away. Still, though, Isaiah's adoration of his sister is very apparent.

In the pictures you can see us worshiping with our kiddos before the dedication, Isaiah gazing lovingly at Melora up on the stage, Isaiah helping pastor Steve by putting his hand our Melora's head, and a quick close up of the fluffy dress before I removed it and put her into something more comfy and spit-up-proof.


momma's heart said...

You found a lovely dress! Beautiful photos! I love dressing girls as well. Never thought I'd get the chance.

Mama P said...

I love it! I think the only thing more perfect would have been a buck-toothed passy to match the foo foo! Kidding. Only kidding. BEAUTIFUL.

momma's heart said...

I hate laundry for the same reasons. The dryer bell is always disruptive. I try to wash the clothes we wear during the day separately, and hang them up directly from the dryer. Everything else, I put in a basket from the dryer and fold and put away when I can, or when I feel like it. I wish I knew a better way. I do laundry everyday, because the "laundry day" system seems too overwhelming. Plus, we would probably have to buy more clothes to get through a whole week without washing! lol