Saturday, June 07, 2008

Enjoy your babies

So many wonderful, beautiful, sweet, cute, funny moments have happened this week. But I'm not going to write about them today. (Don't worry - I'll write about them later.)

Instead I'm going to keep it short. This afternoon Michael and I went to the funeral of a beautiful little boy would have turned 11 months old today. We sat near the back and wept, feeling only a fraction of the pain his parents were feeling up in the front pew. We sang songs of hope and peace as we acknowledged the fact that he is in heaven in the arms of God, but few times have I so acutely felt the pain of not being in paradise with Him. We saw pictures of the beautiful little life taken from this world and, as his dad said, "the world is a far worse place without him."

After the service I came up to give his dad a quick hug before we left, and he looked down to see Melora asleep in the sling. "Enjoy her," he told me. So instead of writing a long blog, I'm going to back downstairs to enjoy my babies who I need at this moment so much more than they need me. You can visit his caring bridge site at I know their family would appreciate prayers and encouragement from everyone right now.

(This is a picture of me enjoying my two babies this afternoon who were both asleep in my arms.)


Mama P said...

I am so sorry about the little boy who died. His family must be going through so much pain right now.

On another note, how wonderful that you are taking something from the experience and holding your own angels while you can. Me, too.

momma's heart said...

I will keep this family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing. The hardest part is about a month after the funeral, and on and on for a couple of years. The saddest thing is that most people, if they don't see the family frequently, stop praying as much for them after a month or so, unless they've experienced similar pain.

You look beautiful, by the way!

momma's heart said...

I had time to check out your friend's website. It said the whole story is forthcoming, and it sounds like it has been a long and difficult 11 months. How nice that church family and friends gave them a trip to Hawaii! My heart aches for them. I'm sorry for you, too, for having to experience such a sad event. I was hoping they already had other children to hug, but the website didn't mention siblings. Will keep them in prayer!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Ellie said...

awh oh no, that it so tragic! I can't imagine a world without my little one, my heart goes out to that family.

It is a good wake up call for us all to really take the time to enjoy our blessings, which our children truly are. Thanks for this post.

Thanks for your comment on my last post, particularily the fathers day wishes, that was really cute. I never thought of it that way but in a way your totally right because I am both lol