Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monkey Sounds

Isaiah has begun making an entire symphony of sounds now, expanding from his former repertoire of cries and sighs. He coos, gurgles, shouts, grunts, makes an exclamation that sounds like "Yea!" and makes monkey-like sounds. I think he's also figured out how to make different cries for different occasions. (Or I have only recently become competent enough to differentiate between them.) My favorite new noise that he makes, though, is his "belly laugh." He isn't full-out laughing yet, but he does these belly chuckles when he gets really happy that absolutely crack me up. It's a kind of 'huh-huh' sound that a cross between Buddha and a donkey laughing. It's the most wonderful sound I've ever heard. (As I type, he's making oooh and ahhh noises at his stuffed froggie and trying to bat at it.)

This week has been a lot of fun because Isaiah and I have had a few chances to escape our daily routine. Since we're Minnesotans, we've been stuck indoors all day since he was born, but within this last week, we've taken walks at least once, if not twice a day. It's so nice to get outside and into the fresh air, and although Isaiah doesn't really appreciate any of the sights, he does get a nice nap in every time we go. It has the same effect on him as a car ride. We also went to the conservatory and zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Walz, Aunt Laura, and Uncle James. Again, he didn't seem the least bit interested in bright flowers or funny monkeys, but he liked being carried by his family and he liked looking at our faces. Afterward, Grandma and Grandpa, Michael, Isaiah, and I all went to see Ice Age 2. I felt very relaxed because I figured if he cried a little it wouldn't really matter since it was a kid’s movie. Plus it's easy to discreetly nurse in a dark theater where no one is paying the least bit of attention to you. He slept the whole time, though, so it didn't matter.

Isaiah is really working on keeping his head steady and upright, although he doesn't completely have the hang of it yet. He looks a little bobble head most of the time, and when he finally does get it steady and in place, he'll get a case of the hiccups, which throws him off again. It's very cute to see him look around when he's holding up his little wiggly head - he looks at you in absolute wonder, probably trying to figure out why you look so wobbly.

Recently he's been wanting to play when it's time to sleep (as in, midnight through 2 a.m.) So far I'm doing alright since he's usually such a good sleeper and I have a pretty good reservoir of rest. A few more nights, though, and that reservoir will be completely drained, so we'll have to see if next week's post is bright and cheery, or cranky and tired. I won't be able to nap during the day either, because I'm getting ready for my parents, brother, and grandparents to come in for Easter and Isaiah's dedication this weekend. So, just in case he continues in this habit, I'm stocking up on coffee and the new Caribou Coffee ice creams. Yum.

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