Monday, April 03, 2006

MacGyver Mommy

This has been a very full week with Isaiah. He had his shots, which made me want to cry. He handled them very well, which was definately a relief. He totally screamed when the nurse stuck him with the needle (three times, no less) but by the time she was done putting the Sesame Street Band-Aids on him, he was mostly better, and by the time I took him to Caribou 30 minutes later, he was smiling and flirting with all the customers. I, on the other hand, didn't recover as quickly, and I felt a little down all day. So I cuddled for extra time with him and gave him lots of kisses, which made me feel better. I also used him as an excuse to watch Monster's Inc. because I figured he would enjoy a fun movie. Right. He slept and/or ate through the whole thing. That's alright, though. I still plan on using him as an excuse to watch Finding Nemo next week.

I had to use MacGyver tactics this last weekend because of my failure to keep his diaper bag stocked. We had gone to church in the morning (extremely late thanks to daylight savings time) and I changed his diaper and took him to the bathroom after the service. He peed in the toilet, and I was so proud and excited that I forgot to flush it. Oops. Oh well, though. Then we went to Arby's with Peter and headed to Peter's home after that to check out the adjoining duplex. Then we hung out for quite a while and ate ice cream. After that, I dropped Michael off at home and headed right out again to get tacky 80's clothing for a Lenscrafters meeting/annual party thing that evening. Isaiah slept all through the shopping, and we got home just in time for Michael and I to change into our bad clothing while Isaiah continued to sleep in the carseat. Then we rushed out to the meeting looking 80's fabulous. We enjoyed hot-dogs, b.b.q. sandwiches, nachos, cookies, and rootbeer from a keg and relaxed while people fawned over our ever-adorable baby. Then I realized that I hadn't changed Isaiah since that time in church, and he was now about 6 hours overdue for a potty break. Why hadn't he cried or something? He hates a wet diaper.

So I took him behind a wall to nurse and change him, because there wasn't a bathroom in the meeting place. I spread out a changing pad and took off his diaper. It was so wet and full it must have weighed two pounds. I felt terrible for letting him stew in that wet, nasty thing for hours. Then I wiped him down while he continued to smile and look around. Seriously, I couldn't believe he hadn't cried or fussed at all in that nasty, nasty diaper. He also peed on the changing pad, since I'm sure he had been waiting for me to take him potty for the longest time. Then I reached into the diaper and realized, to my horror, that I had run out of diapers. I couldn't put him back in that nasty diaper from before, so I got Michael and we improvised. I found a maxi pad in my purse, which I stuck to a burp cloth. Then I used to hair ties to fasten the cloth around his legs. Meanwhile, Michael got one of the plastic bags that held hot-dog-buns and tore two holes for his legs. Then we tied it onto Isaiah and called it good. Amazingly, he didn't seem to mind this new arrangement at all, or even find it strange. He did sound a little crinkly, though, whenever he moved his legs.

On the way home, he wet his new "diaper" and, shockingly, the thing worked and kept his outfit dry. I was so proud, and now I know that if I can't manage to have enough diapers with me, I can always find a hot dog stand. (There's a picture of our creation above.) I've also included a picture of Isaiah after we got back from our first walk around the block in the stroller. I suppose it was still a little chilly outside, but he didn't seem bothered by it, and Michael and I really enjoyed taking him out. He's becoming more interested in his surroundings every day, smiling more all the time, and I have a feeling that laughs are soon going to come out of his sweet little mouth. My goal is to get it on tape when he laughs for the first time, so I may have to go around for a while with the camcorder strapped to me. Whatever it takes, though.

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